It Snowed…In The Winter…Film at 11!

So we got 13.4″ of snow in the latest storm to hit our burg.  It was quite inconvenient but unless you are 8 to 12 years old that is bound to be the case.  Driving in it on Tuesday was kind of sucktacular but we all made it home eventually and buckled in for an evening of snow, food and trying to get Willow to come inside during the snowstorm.  Not easy as it is her favorite time of year.  Corgis are built for snow 🙂

SnowWillow (300x400)

It is amazing what a couple of hours does…we went from this…

IMG_7991 (400x300)
…to this…
IMG_7992 (400x300)

So I spent the day watching my friend the Squirrel have some fun in the snow.

IMG_8013 (400x300)
IMG_8012 (400x300)
IMG_8016 (400x300)
IMG_8019 (400x300)

It was an okay snow day for me.  I hope everyone is ready for the next one 😉


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