Loosing My Geek Status? Oh No!

I have always considered myself a geek.  I’m proud of this distinction.  Recently though my geek status has been under scrutiny.  You see…well how do I say this…I’m not a fan of Dr. Who.  Whew…I said it.

I tried…I really tried to like this show but no matter how many episodes I watch I don’t love it.  I’m just not feeling what so many others do about Dr. Who.  Am I broken?  Did my geekiness dry up one night and I didn’t feel it happen.  I looked at my comic books, my fondness for Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Nightwing.  Yep they are all very prevalent in my every day life.

Even the Bat Signal on my desk at work is working properly so why do I not like Dr. Who?  I’m totally flummoxed by the who affair.  I now need a nap.


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