A Charlie Brown Christmas Moment

Last year our tree decided it had enough of Christmas and so the day after Christmas it fell down and refused to get back up.  I bought this tree 7 years ago so to think my $25 investment lasted as long as it did was nothing short of a miracle.

This led to our dilemma for this year.  Do we get a new tree?  I said yes but I didn’t think we should spend a lot because we hoped to move next year and perhaps would be able to get a big tree next year.  So it was back to the $25 Trees only they went up in price.  The trees are now $36.  Can you believe it!?!

I present our version of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

IMG_4752 (300x400)

Sad right?  Well sometimes all a tree really does need is a little love.

IMG_4753 (300x400)

Okay a little love and lots of extra lights and garland 😉  I present our $36 Tree in all of its glory!  Merry ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas!!!


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