In Keeping with Season!

Because Thanksgiving was later this year the Christmas shopping season is shorter for me.  I’ve tried to do a little shopping throughout the year but lets face it I’m not built with the ability of multitasking, lol.

I am able for some reason to find places to take my picture for the Christmas season…

IMG_4595 (400x300)

You can never have too many pictures of yourself with reindeer, lol.  I love Elves and it’s this time of year that no one questions how many Elves I have as an adult person…who plays with collects dolls…action figures 😉


This is Thad…he’s helping me at work this week.  Usually he just lays around the house eating Oreo Cookies when I’m not home.  At least that is what I envision he’s doing 🙂

Elves are awesome because they have pointed ears. What can I say…I have a thing for pointy ears.  I’m hoping Santa brings me more Elves to join the parade.  Hint I’ve been a very good girl this year…well mostly.


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