It was Homecoming in my burg this weekend.  I sat and cheered on our home team to a victory with these people.

IMG_2714 (400x300)

Let me just say that these kids are braver than I because it was about 34 degrees and some of them weren’t wearing shirts.

IMG_2698 (400x300)

The Seniors were celebrated for their years of devotion to the sport of Football, Cheer Leading and Band.

IMG_3263 (400x300)

The Queen and King were chosen and interestingly enough the King was a math geek.  Times sure have changed since I was Senior and the Captain of the Football and Cheer Leading teams were always the King and Queen of Homecoming.

IMG_3140 (400x300)

There were some close plays but in the end we won.

IMG_3404 (400x300)
The Crowd went wild and did some kind of victory dance while this little girl cheered.

IMG_2732 (400x300)

The truth is I do not attend these football games for the sport.  I’m a fan of the Band.

IMG_3251 (400x300)

This year’s program is amazing and I’m hoping the take the top prize in State Competitions.

IMG_2646 (400x300)

That’s my God-Daughter there on the right playing the Melophone.  I’m so proud of her and all that she and the Band have accomplished over the years.  Who knew that one day I would be a Band Geek who freezes her butt off hootin’ and hollering for the Band…yup that’s me now and I LOVE IT!!!


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