Memories of Milkweed Pods

I know it’s kind of weird but hear me out.

IMG_2441 (400x288)

When I was a child I loved milkweed pods in the fall.  So soft and filled with potential.

IMG_2448 (400x293)

We would run in the woods and pick the stem with the semi-opened pod and run with them spreading the weed’s seeds all over.

IMG_2447 (289x400)

We didn’t know they were weeds and a nuisance to lawn enthusiasts everywhere.  We just knew they were fun. The fluffs were wishes in the air. You could pick a fluff, make your wish and send it off into the universe with your silent hopes attached.

IMG_2450 (400x300)

Even today when I see them, like I did this weekend, I do not see anything but possibilities when I gazed at them.  After all, they are filled with thousands of wishes in each pod.  It’s moments like these that I’m glad I still have some of my childhood faith left.   I got to make my wish this weekend I hope everyone gets that chance this autumn.


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