The People of Lahaska

I like to take lots of pictures and one of my favorite subjects to photograph are people of the general public.  While at Peddler’s Village this weekend I did just that with some interesting captures.

IMG_1398 (300x400)

IMG_1318 (300x400)

Going to read but got lost in the beautiful weather and all of the wonderful sights.

IMG_1294 (400x300)

Taking time to chat.

IMG_1284 (400x300)

This older dog was too cute!

IMG_1325 (400x300)

I love hats and was very jealous of this girls hat.  It was awesome!

IMG_1313 (400x300)

Families enjoying the pre-autumnal day!

IMG_1342 (300x400)

Enjoying the beautiful wonders around us all.  It was perfection!  If this is how summer ends I can’t wait to see how autumn begins 🙂


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