Welcome To Lahaska

The weather was picture perfect this weekend so we headed to Lahaska for the start of the Scarecrow Festival that runs between now and Halloween.

IMG_1345 (400x300)

Since I am a Candy Crush recovering addict I felt this Scarecrow submission to be the most frightening of all, lol.

IMG_1367 (300x400)

Bean had to explain this one to me and after that I thought it was really cute.  The one scarecrow has Bruce Willis’ John McClain character’s face.  The scarecrow is called “Die Hard Phillies Phans”, lol.  Very clever scarecrow builder, very clever indeed!

IMG_1357 (300x400)

“Forrest Grump”  HA HA HA!

IMG_1301 (400x300)

The bird on this man’s shoulder is his pet and loyal sidekick.  They were adorable together.  The bird was free to fly away and always came back to this man.  They are quite the “Besties”.

I have more to share from our adventure so I will spread it out over a couple of posts.  Y’all Come Back Now 😉


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