The Beach Is Lovely

I love going to the beach.  Since the discovery of Sun Block 50 I have come back to loving the beach.  There were a few years of loathing but we made up since then.

IMG_0475 (400x300)

Most people are happy when the come to the beach.  They enjoy their families…

IMG_0468 (400x300)

They capture memories…

IMG_0490 (400x300)

They read a good book…

IMG_0497 (400x300)

They slow down and reconnect with what really matters…

IMG_0509 (400x300)

And they sleep.  This is what I do when I go to the beach 😉

IMG_0504 (400x300)

IMG_0507 (400x300)

I’ve loved our little trips to the shore this year but now I’m getting excited for vacation.  I’m still waiting but when it finally gets here I’m going to do a dance and make up a fun song…I swear!



  1. I love snoozing on the beach. One of my favorite things to do… unless I get to snooze on a couch. Or in a bed. Wrapped up in a blanket with my favorite shows still playing on the TV cause I usually fall asleep to them.

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