Oh Hey Hollywood

So Hollywood big wigs are scratching their heads this Monday wondering how a low-budget ($20 million) horror film blasted past the big block-busters they’ve rolled out for the masses to consume.  R.I.P.D. from what the trailers on TV were showing was nothing more than a hack version of Men In Black meets the dead or The Frighteners minus the badges.  Pacific Rim is another big in your face film but is it really what everyone wants to see?  How many end of the world films can one person consume in 4 short months of summer?

DSCN4873 (400x300)

What I’ve always found interesting about the Hollywood Elite is they really think they deserve the money they make.  The film The Purge cost approximately $3 million to make grossed approximately $36 million its first weekend.  In this era of 3D, 2D, CGI and special effects the freshness of a movie like Pacific Rim is lost.  World War Z came out just before Pacific Rim and it flopped as well.  Between the star’s salaries and the grand scale of the film it was destined to just be a money pit.  So that leaves me to the question…when is a big-budget film to big?  Is $400 million too much money to spend on a film?  I would say yes.

Do I like a good Sandy Bullock movie?  The answer is a big yes I do but then again she’s not making $400 million movies that go thud!  Don’t get me wrong I love a big action packed thrill ride of a movie but do I want to see one every weekend?  The answer is no I don’t sometimes I just want to see a quiet, well written movie.

I really thought after The Blair Witch Project Hollywood would have seen the light but they’ve been wearing those sunglasses for too long.  Maybe The Conjuring will give them a little snap back to reality.  Who knows…all I know is I have yet a reason to fork out $13 to go to the movies this summer, just saying.



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