I Live In The Bat Universe

Batman has been my favorite super hero since I was a child.  Since I am still a child mentally he’s still my favorite and it’s cool because my love of all things Batty is supported by my wife.  She thinks it’s cute 😉  So when she brought home a special treat for the Bat Dog it made total sense and I was totally stoked.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone...Let the games begin.

Bat Dog meets Bat Bone…Let the games begin.

I really believe you can not have too many Bat accessories.



My brother even indulged my love of the Batman and gave me his own personal 1966 Life Magazine cover that he had framed of Adam West’s Batman!  I was all teary eyed when he gave it to me.  2 is awesome like that!  I have it hanging in my office.


I even own a bat signal (compliments of the Mrs.).  I’m obsessed and I like it!  I think that is why I subliminally got a Boston Terrier.  They kind of look like bats sometimes, lol.  Well I’m off to do some super secret Bat Stuff.


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