Summer Lovin’ 2013 – All Things Pointy!

My favorite Holiday will always be Halloween.  We went to this Christmas Palace in Lancaster and the museum was amazing.  I can’t help myself, I love anything with pointed ears.  Elves, Fairies, Trolls and yes, even Mr. Spock.

IMG_9314 IMG_9386 IMG_9388

I wanted to run away with the last two elves.  They are ADORABLE!!!  I’m lucky though I have some pointy little creatures of my own at home so as to satiate my love of pointy eared folks.

20130705_103205 IMG_9511

Okay the last one is my puppy friend Willow but she’s got pointy ears so I totally am counting her!

Chardonnay is a little Fairy Bean found for me.  She’s amazingly fun and she always carries that bottle of wine so I think she’s half-lit most of the time and I totally dig that, lol.


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