Pet Peeve #71 – Stupid Baby Names

Sid and I often discuss stupid names people subject their children too.  I get that people want their children to have a ‘special and unique’ name but seriously people y’all is stupid!  Allow me to site some examples.

Sid said to me this morning…”Write this down.  G U L E E N.”  I looked at what I had written and said ‘is this something gluten?’   He laughed heartily and replied “no, that’s a child’s name.  Guess how you pronounce it.”  He stood there smiling at me struggle as I struggled to come up with the correct pronunciation of this poor child’s name.  ‘Guleen’ I stammered.  Laughing he said, “no, its pronounced Julian.”  ‘Of course it is’ I laughingly shot back at him.

Part of my pet peeve is the parents that get angry because people mispronounce their children’s name.  When this happens I want to shoot back at them ‘next time don’t make shit up and people will be able to pronounce it!’

I get that people want to be original in their names but what ends up happening is the child ends up with something stupid because their parents wanted something ‘special’ for their little one.  Celebrities are the worst offenders.  Case in point:

Pilot Inspektor – Jason Lee
North West – Kimye’s baby
Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway – Alanis Morrissette
Moxie Crimefighter Jillette – Penn Jillette

The list goes on and on.  When they are little it’s not problem with weird names but when they get older don’t be surprised if they get made fun of because kids can be mean.  Oh and yes I’m being all Judgey McJudgerson about this issue.

p.s.  It rained again today 😦



  1. I have a relative that works in the pediatrics ward of the local hospital, and has come across the following (very real) baby names:

    La-a (Ladasha)
    Lemonjello and Orangejello (emphasis on the second syllable)
    Twins named Benetha and Betweentha Sheets.

    People are awful.

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