Summer Lovin’ 2013 – Strausberg

In our attempt to do much this summer we headed to Strasburg, PA to see the trains.  Lancaster County has so many interesting offerings that we’ve decided to tackle it one venue at a time.


I love trains.  The trains from the late 19th century are really cool.  Hi Amish Dude!


Our first stop was at the Railroad Museum.  We got to do a train driving simulation.  It was cool because it even let you blow the horn!

IMG_9238 (400x300) IMG_9240 (400x300)

It was “Thomas the Tank Engine” Week so we didn’t get to ride the big train but next time we come back I want to do that.

IMG_9241 (400x300)

Thomas was everywhere…


I joined the fun in my own way.  We went to the Choo Choo Barn which everyone should visit because it has a working model train display of Lancaster.  It is complete with Dutch Wonderland and other notable sights of the area.  Way cool!


I even shoveled coal like a pro.  Okay this coal were actually styrofoam but it was very cool none the less!  This ‘Summer Lovin’ project is a lot of fun.  So much to see in only 3 months!


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