FOSP: Two New Versions

I’ve had the opportunity to sample two completely different types of French Onion Soup recently.  The first offering is from Miller’s out in Willow Grove, PA.  It’s different than any that I’ve had to date.


It had a sweet taste to it.  I couldn’t decide if it was due to the type of bread they used in the center or not but it was good.  I also wondered if the sweetness was from the  use of Vidalia Onion instead of the standard onions such as Spanish.  It was a different but tasty treat.

The second offering is Houlihan’s in Plymouth Meeting, PA.


This French Onion Soup was the classic style.  Slightly salty with a beefy broth stock and of course…onions.  It was topped with Provolone Cheese and pumpernickel bread in the center.  I must admit I do prefer the Mozzarella or Provolone cheese to the when Swiss is used as the melted cheese on top.  I’m kind of a FOS snob that way, lol.

Well there you have it.  Two completely different Soups.  I am still very much into this project!



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