The People of Longwood

I love to people watch.  Sometimes I people photograph when I find people who stand out above the rest.  Here are the people of Longwood Gardens.

IMG_8783 (300x400)
Kids rolling down a big hill.  These kids totally get it!

IMG_8780 (400x300)
He’s got his hat and his camera…and he’s off!

IMG_8817 (400x300)
These kids just got engaged!  Everyone cried…I took pictures…you know…cause that’s how I roll in the Shire.

IMG_8855 (300x400)
This guy knows how to dress.  When looking at flowers dress in floral!

IMG_8856 (300x400)
This man actually is an employee but in this picture he looks like a model for a catalog.  Yep he’s doing it right too!

IMG_8884 (300x400)
There was also a wedding.  Mazel Tov!

IMG_8825 (300x400)
It’s all about the iPad picture-taking…

IMG_8914 (300x400)
Say cheesy…

IMG_8876 (400x300)
This actually was the perfect location for sketching.  The view was dynamic!

IMG_8847 (400x300)
Then there is me…there are no words to explain me, lol.


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