Out To Dinner

On Saturday we were in Kennett Square and when we go to Kennett Square we go to the Foxfire Restaurant for yummy morsels.  Behold the yumminess!

20130518_174303 (300x400)
Amuse Bouche

20130518_175215 (300x400)
Lobster and Asparagus bisque

20130518_175220 (300x400)
The Foxfire Salad

20130518_175226 (300x400)
The Artisan Cheese Plate

20130518_181438 (300x400)
Intermezzo – Raspberry and Rosemary Sorbet

20130518_181957 (300x400)
Zucchini Linguine

20130518_182011 (300x400)
Crab Cakes

20130518_182023 (400x300)
NY Strip Angus Steak

20130518_185053 (300x400) 20130518_184530 (300x400)
The ambiance was remarkable.

20130518_190504 (300x400)
Creme Brulee

20130518_190514 (400x300)
Mango Mousse Cheesecake

and last but not least

20130518_190524 (300x400)
Apple Tartlet with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

It was an amazing meal.  All their food is from sustainable sources and most of it is local.  It’s a great place to eat.  Foxfire Restaurant at the Stone Barn…go check them out!


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