Oh Mr. Robertson Do Us All A Favor…Shut Up Already!

If you aren’t into diatribes because it’s Friday…try my other blog.

Ever the model of Christianity Pat Robertson stuck his foot in his mouth yet again…shocking I know.

A woman wrote to his supreme Christianess that her husband had cheated on her and was feeling it very difficult to forgive him.  Pat’s big advice…Get over it already…he’s a man…sometimes they wander.  Seriously this pontificate of stupidity just didn’t get his response was not only misogynistic and disturbing but hello…as a leader of a Christian faith he condoned the breaking of the 7th Commandment!!!!


Pat did you miss that day in seminary?  Just to remind you sir the 7th Commandment is “THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY”!!!

TV Evangelists are garbage passing themselves off as better people because they are doing ‘God’s work’.  They become wealthy ‘Preachers’ and yet ironically do not get that using God to make millions off of poor people is probably frowned upon by Jesus.  I’m just guessing here.

Mr. Robertson please take some time off from your show and read the Bible again.  You know…just for fun.


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