My Many Faces of RA and It Doesn’t Stand For Really Awesome

Rheumatoid Arthritis sucks donkey butt.  I’ve been very busy the last couple of weeks and that doesn’t leave room for resting.  The weather hasn’t been exactly been helping my cause either but thankfully my wife is a living saint and puts up with my moaning and groaning.  Thanks Babe!

20130502_115843 (300x400)

Sometimes the pain makes me angry.

20130502_131913 (300x400)

Sometimes it just makes me feel defeated.

20130506_141138 (300x400)

Other times I feel a little crazy.

20130507_152743 (300x400)

In the end I have come to the realization that no matter how much I hurt, feel depressed, slow down or just am in a bad mood it’s all just transient.  There’s always hope I will go back into remission.  Ah…remission you are both awesome and brutal because when you go away you take some of that hope with you.  I’m all about the LIVIN’ and that’s just what I will always do…so bring it!

Here endth my pity party.  I’m going to go look at the squirrels…you know cause its fun!



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