A Narcissist’s Trip To The Zoo

This is just a collection of pictures of me at the Philadelphia Zoo acting like I’m five again!

IMG_8440 (300x400)

Look I’m a monkey!

IMG_8487 (300x400)

Look I’m riding a horsey!

IMG_8499 (300x400)

Look I’m totally photo bombing this Bird Statue!

IMG_8540 (400x300)

Who doesn’t like wild boars…they are like wild bacon!

IMG_8604 (400x300)

Hey this isn’t a picture of me?!?  Or is it?

IMG_8634 (400x300)

IMG_8590 (400x300)

This is more me.  I’m like a Squirrel Monkey.  Crazy and skittish but always having a party…in my head!  So here are more pictures of me.  You are welcome Internet!

p.s.  To Quote Gazpacho…

“I am in fact a huge weirdo.” ~ Gazpacho, Chowder


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