My Dutch Weekend

On Saturday Bean took me to Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster Pennsylvania for some groovy Amish fun!

IMG_8140 (400x300)

We met up with BIL1 and SIL1 and Shorty Mama.  It was raining when we got there which was pretty cool.  It kept the Saturday crowds down.  It only rained for a short time though and we were all over the magical park!

IMG_8114 (300x400)

I made new friends.  This is Merlin.  He’s quite the dancer and having magical powers is pretty cool too. He liked my abs and asked how I keep them looking awesome.  I told him my secret…eating donuts.  Whenever we saw each other in the park we were all about the High-Fives!  BOOM!

IMG_8115 (400x300)

I got to ride a train….

IMG_8117 (300x400)

I met Wilfred Brimley‘s younger brother…

IMG_8151 (300x400)

Got my picture taken with Bessy the Cow…

IMG_8191 (300x400)

Rode the rides…

IMG_8201 (400x300)

IMG_8236 (400x300)

and of course…stuck my head in things…

DSCN5570 (247x400)

IMG_8186 (300x400)

IMG_8265 (400x300)

The rain let up and as you can see we did every square inch of the park…crowd free!  Wahoo!  Lancaster is a neat town where old world meets crazy people with cell phones!  It’s just the right mix there so go visit…go…like now…get going!  Or not…it’s totally up to you!


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