Hey Look I Went Outdoors ;)

This weekend was lovely.  Cool in the shade with a little heat in the sun.  I even got a bit of odd sunburn.  It was only on one side of my neck.  Weird but then again that’s how we roll in the Shire.

IMG_7717 (300x400) IMG_7723 (400x300)

Who doesn’t like dancing/singing men playing an accordion and wearing bells.  Ah May Day, you are FABULOUS!

IMG_7730 (300x400)

This poor Green lad just walked back and forth.  I think he was missing his home planet.

IMG_7734 (400x300)

This is Aunt Fanny…She was tired and decided to lay in the middle of the road.  I was cracking up.

IMG_7745 (400x300)

This fella is Guinness.  He’s from Brewerytown.  Very cleaver naming of your dog Mister!

IMG_7746 (400x300)

How come no one ever carries me around on their shoulder?  Oh right, I’m not a little dog, lol.

IMG_7729 (400x300)

It was nice seeing all the dogs…oh and the people watching was awesome this year!  Tomorrow I will share the food.  I also learned that the Eye of Sauron is housed at the Cheesecake Factory.  Who knew?


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