We Are Not Alone and Other Conspiracies

I notice basically innocuous things and make them completely different in my mind.  Like this morning.  I saw Santa Claus walking his beagle.  Some people would say…’That’s not Santa…it’s an old guy who is portly and has a white beard’.  Those people would be wrong.  It was Santa Claus walking his dog.  I know this for sure because I know Santa uses the same dry cleaner as I so he’s in the ‘hood as they say.

IMG_7365 (400x300) IMG_7366 (400x300)

It’s like the Bubble People.  They are out there….I took pictures…this is how they start…they make Bubble Babies that are all cute in their hermetically sealed pouches and then next thing you know everyone is wrapped in Saran Wrap.  Which makes me think…I forgot to get more Saran wrap yesterday when I went to the store.

Any way…I did see Santa and he looks the same no matter how he’s dress.  Now I need to get back to the squirrels…they’ve been making plans for a global take over of the peanut industry.  Holla!



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