Oh, What A Beautiful Weekend!

This weekend was picture perfect.  I think I’m getting all drunk with two weekends in a row being sunny and beautifully filled with Spring time.

IMG_7460 (400x300)

My favorite flowering tree this time of year is the great Magnolia.  So beautiful and the petals are so soft.

IMG_7457 (400x300)

The arboretum is hosting “Big Bugs” now thru August.  Really I thought they were live bugs before I saw that they are Big Bug sculptures.

IMG_7467 (300x400)

I also discovered that St. Francis is really the patron Saint of animals.  These Geese were all about hanging out near his statue.

IMG_7543 (400x300)

Along our journey we came about these beautiful flowers called “Common Bleeding-Hearts” in the Grotto.

IMG_7520 (400x300)

I’d like to thank my lovely assistant Bean…she’s the bestest!

IMG_7478 (400x300)

I’ve said this before but this is one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever gotten.  I love this place so much and since I have a membership I can go back as many times as I want.  It’s my spot 🙂


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