Sometimes I feel like Sheldon…

I have those moments where everything has to be done in a specific way, in a specific order.  It can’t be done differently.  I’m unyielding in this philosophy.  It’s not much fun but sometimes I come off as funnier than I really am.  Yeah me!

Sometimes I feel like Leonard.  Nothing seems to work out because I over think it and that just smothers any fun there should have been.  But then I’m whimsical and it’s not as bad as I made it out to be.

Sometimes I just give up all hope and want to wallow in my own filth while drinking something that makes my head swim but doesn’t taste to great.  It’s then my wife steps in and says “it’s not that deep’.  You know what…she’s right.  But I should have known that from the beginning…she’s ALWAYS right 🙂


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