Easter Eggs…YEAH!

Every year we dye Easter Eggs.  I like this because I get to be 10 years old again.  I know normally I act like I’m 12 years old so I get to feel younger during the egg dying process.

20130330_214325 (400x300)
One of my eggs had a crack in it…

20130330_214309 (300x400)

It was very Jurassic Park.  I didn’t let the crack get me down though because I had….STICKERS!!!

20130330_214418 (300x400)
And now I have an awesome Easter Egg with a Easter Bunny soul patch!  Yeah…I’m cool like that!

I was totally rocking Easter Dinner too.  Seriously…my MIL was on it with the food (as she always is!).

IMG_7139 (400x300) IMG_7138 (400x300) IMG_7137 (400x300) IMG_7136 (400x300) IMG_7121 (400x300)
and last but not least…Bean’s AWESOME Milky Way cake.
IMG_7119 (400x300)
I loved this cake for two reasons…one…Bean made it 🙂  and two she got the receipt out of a novel she had read.  Good times and good food…Very cool indeed!


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