Gay Marriage…Yes Please!

This week the Supreme Court took up aspects of Gay Marriage.  I was on Facebook chatting with a very religious friend who doesn’t want the word “Marriage” to be used.  What’s wrong with “Civil Partnership”.  She said…just call it something other than marriage.  I’m not sure why she feels threatened by people like me marrying.  We’ve known each other since were 5 years old.  We debated back and forth in a respectful manner.  No name calling, no mean-spirited retorts we kept each others feelings in focus.  She said she understood the legalities of being Married.  Again she went back to make it all the same but call it something else.  We were both frustrated because neither of us bent from our positions.

Marriage is not a just a word.  It’s love, respect, trust and mutual admiration.  It’s about compromise and in the end understanding.  It’s like the difference between the words house and home.  A house is what you live in, a home is the life you built-in that house.  Marriage is the home.  All Marriages are civil no matter what religious connotation you place on it marriage is not recognized by the government unless you have legal document saying you are married.


Marriage has evolved over the years (see above).  It’s now time for me to have the same legal protection and benefits provided to opposite-sex couples.  By insisting on two different titles for partnership (marriage for opposite-sex couples and civil partnership for same-sex couples) it shows a distinction.  It becomes a privilege and that’s not right.

My frustration over the “marriage” argument is the siting of all kinds of crazy things gay marriage will lead to and why people take that drive to crazyville.  I have always felt (and still do) that if opposite-sex couples fear for the sanctity of marriage why do they not fight to outlaw divorce.  It’s the only real threat to marriage that I can see.  My marriage isn’t a threat to anyone.  Opposite-sex people marry multiple times, have children with multiple partners, they are the cause of the decline in marriage in general.  Not the LGBT community.   So get over the bigotry already.

I love my wife very much.  I would love for her to be protected and granted all of the benefits of marriage.  Marriage is compromise, love, respect, trust, hopes, and dreams.  It’s not just about a word but what that word represents to all people.

p.s.  If you get a chance please read GOD MADE ME GAY:  A Letter to Louise.


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