Presenting Satan Dog…When She’s Quiet

Because I’m to lazy to do a real post this is a pictorial of when my dog is mostly good.

IMG_0323 (400x300)

Yes she is sound asleep under there, lol.

IMG_1336 (400x300) IMG_1451 (400x300) ??????????????????????
She is a good dog but sometimes she has way too much energy and likes to bark way too much, lol.



  1. Haha! Reminds me a little of my ‘baby’ Sophie. She’s pretty good also; barks like crazy when someone is at the door. Then she runs behind me and looks at me with this look that says, ‘Mommy, I’ve done my job; now do yours!’ Of course, she is definitely GOOD when she is asleep! I sooooo love her.. Lol.

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