In A Puff of White Smoke…

…one mortal man became infallible.  I’m pretty sure everywhere in the world married men are all…’Dude I should have become a Pope when I got married’.

I’m what they call a Cafeteria Catholic.  I remember the jubilation when John Paul I was elected.  We all gathered around the television and said a prayer.  Then a little while later John Paul II was elected after the unexpected death of JP I.  I remember when JP II came to our Metropolis to say mass.  My mother took us to town in our catholic school uniforms.  It was amazing for a 12 year-old to be that close to the leader of our church.  I could barely see him but I did see him, lol.


I’m kind of interested in what Francis I aka “Big Frank” has in-store for the Church.  Not that it affects me at all since I really don’t get to into the whole patriarchal and misogynistic leanings of the Church.


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