Pope Madness 2013

A long time ago I was a practicing Catholic.  Now I’m more a sleep in on Sundays Catholic.  This hasn’t stopped me from wondering who the next Pope may be.  An old Catholic school chum of mine posted this bracket to Facebook to help follow along with the hopefuls, the winner and the guy who gets the white smoke.


I’m pretty sure he started out making his March Madness Bracket and some how it turned into a Pope Madness bracket.  Who knew the two were inter-usable?  Since the Conclave have banned the Cardinals from using cell phones, iPads, laptops or any wireless communication they can’t give us a glimpse of what’s happening on the inside.  Sure it would be a little like insider trading but really is it insider help if God is involved?  I’m going for the guy who’s odds are 100-1 in Vegas…I like a long shot!


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