Hair Today, Gone To The Loony Bin Tomorrow

Yesterday I went to get my hair colored and cut.  I’m not much into looking like a gray head.  Did it before and it made me feel like I was 90 years old instead of 40.  Anyway, there was this lady telling her poor stylist the most awful stories.  All these stories had one thing in common…her.  She was strip searched at the airport and detained was the first of the stories I heard.  I was thinking in my head OMG but the stories got worse from there.  Her poor stylist was trapped there listening to one horrible tale after another. I thought I could escape these tales and get some reading done while under the dryer.  No…She was seated right next to me while still yacking away at the young girl who now was being held hostage.  I wanted to tap the woman on the shoulder and tell her this 20-something girl isn’t her therapist no matter how much you think she is…she’s not.

Her stories were like watching a car wreck on the side of the road…I couldn’t stop listening.  After the story of the strip search and detention she went on about her house being damaged in Hurricane Sandy.  Then the guys who have been rebuilding the house have been taking there dear old time and keep asking her for more money to finish things.  Then one of the guys on the crew stole her identity and gave it to his girlfriend.  The two went to Florida and got married using her social security.  Opened some credit cards and had a blast for months before someone called her saying she was Daisy.  Then she had to go to court for something related to the house thing and she told the judge she was having bowel surgery that day and couldn’t make it.  He said she had to go to court that day and to reschedule her surgery.  ‘Can you believe what he said?’ she said.  Any way, she fell down the steps at her brother’s house and broke her leg so she missed court anyway because she fell and was in the hospital.  She paid a contractor $10,000 to do a job at her house and he worked one day and didn’t finish the project.

My moment was done with the dryer and I didn’t hear a lot of the other stuff that was going on but she was following the poor girl around with even more tales of woe.  I wish I had said to the lady if you have $10,000 to drop on a contractor you have $150 to drop on a shrink and leave that poor girl alone already!

I only bring all of this up because I was ticked when I left because instead of reading for an hour and possibly finishing my book…I got roped into her Shakespearean drama 😦  Bad me…Bad, Bad me!


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