Oh Brother, Thee Art Thou Hysterical

I love when my Brother comes to visit because he tells the funniest stories.

“I walked into the bar in North Philly and everyone looked at me like WTF are you doing here.  I said hi and sat down and ordered a beer, drank it and left.  At that point if someone killed me it would have made my day better.” ~ 2


“I was flying coach on a business trip.  I looked up and who in is also sitting in coach…Teddy Fucking Kennedy.  That’s when I knew the government was fucked.” ~ 2


“I told him.  I once called a Major in the Marine Corp. an asshole to his face.  I’m telling you…I’m not afraid you.” ~ 2


“I asked Joe to help burn down my house and then shoot me in the kneecap.” ~ 2
“HA HA HA” ~ Me
“That’s how you know you have a true friend because he said …’ahhh…I’m not sure I can do that’.  That’s loyalty by saying ahhh…I knew he was considering it and trying to figure out how to make it happen.” ~ 2
“That is a true friend.” ~ Me
“Well it’s like I told him…it’s the Philadelphia way to do things.” ~ 2


“I love that song you wrote, ‘I Love You So Much I Gotta Shit’. ~ Me
“Ah…going to the classics.” ~ 2

The man is a born storyteller!


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