You Can’t Look Away It’s Just That Awful

In 1978 I looked like this….

Yup I was styling in this patchwork quilt looking shirt.  It had brown pants and blue wing tip platform shoes to go with the outfit.  Yes…OMG!

But by far this is the worst picture I have ever seen of myself.  Oh 1970’s style how you scare me most of all when looking at pictures.  This was 1977 and OMG…shoot me now!


Later when I went to Super Soap Weekend (BECAUSE I’M JUST THAT COOL!) I thought having my picture with Luke and Laura was stylish.  Yes…again the appropriate response is…OMG!

What I’ve learned over my lifetime is that I will never have any sense of style.  I guess it’s a good thing I’m a sorta funny.  Unless you had asked my Mom…she didn’t think I was that funny, lol.


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