Confessions Are Good For The Soul

…or sometimes they are just a PR move. Yes,  I’m talking to you Lance Armstrong.  In any event I am going to share my confession with the Internets.  I do not tuck in my shirts…ever!  Whew!  There I said it.  I’ve got it out there and I can’t take it back.  There are reasons why I will never tuck in my shirt.  One of the them being I loath restrictive clothing.  I do not care how sloppy it makes me look…I will not tuck in my shirt.

Dinah Shore

Dinah Shore doesn’t care I’m un-tucked.

I’ve always loathed it.  It then led me to that shiny, sparkly place of why do I have to tuck and what fashion mercenary is pushing this agenda?

As indicated by the photo above (because I make sh*t up)  Zac Efron supports my cause.  He was so on board he not only un-tucked his shirt but took it off all together and put it in his back pocket just in case he had to go to visit his Grandma or something.  Thanks Zac for your support.  I love you to man!

I’m standing by this conviction…well unless my Wife tells me to knock it off.



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