There Is Snow In The Forecast…

Just not here.  This diatribe is an extension of my loathing of the news media.  I’m watching the weather forecast yesterday because it was getting colder outside and knowing it was supposed to rain I was of course curious to see if we had any snow in the forecast.  The Weather Guy and Girl both said there was snow.  They show graphs and lines and color and the verdict it was to snow…in the Extreme North (Mountain region).  We were getting rain as the snow/sleet line was well above our town.


They waste so much time on giving the weather forecast for regions hundreds of miles away.  Not to mention for places that have ski resorts and would welcome a snow fall of any proportions.  I guess I’m just still feeling the loss of Weatherman Dave Frankel.

Dave Frankel
He used to be the Noontime News Weatherman for Channel 6 years ago and he gave this forecast while laughing the entire time he delivered his rundown.  “Accu Weather says it’s raining with gray clouds and a potential for flooding.  I just looked out the window before coming on and it’s a beautiful day so far with lots of sun.  Go figure.”  He is a lawyer now but I sure do miss his truthfulness in journalism, lol.


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