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A Perfect Day Caught On Camera

I think we all have those perfect days we like to recall when you just need that release from stress or pain or painful stress or just because Mondays are awful.

I like to take pictures.  Not good pictures but pictures.  I’m a nostalgic fool like that so when I was looking at my digital albums I came across this perfect trip to the Creek in 2001.


Friends on the bridal path
This dog takes fetch the stick to new levels, lol.
Chief Teedyuscung

I still remember this foggy April morning on Forbidden Drive.  It was one of those days I was glad I had my camera so I could look back on the photos and just mentally take this walk again.  It was a good day…no it was a Great day!  I hope you have a special memory getting you through your Monday🙂


I love Soap Operas but not when it's my life. Not a fan of mean people and I like to read.

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