Just Say No To Butt Crack

Butt Crack is the worst kind of Crack out there.  I’m serious.  This is a diatribe I think I’ve had before but apparently I’m not getting the message out there.

There are those who feel this is a style choice.  JB I’m looking at you kid.  But it just looks stupid.  These folks are the sign above.  They wear their pants about their thigh or knee and show us their Calvin Klein’s.  That’s so last century people!  What is ridiculous is seeing someone over the age of 21 who is still dressing like this…JMHO.  Sean Combs was a rapper and he would never dress like this today.  He has grown into a music artist/model/business man/clothing designer and the list goes on.  He grew into a fashionable man…I like the way he dresses.  He looks good.

I give you General Larry Clark…

I bring all of this up because it’s a pet peeve of mine and secondly we had workmen in our office today flashing the crack.  I wanted to drive to the mall and get them belts (they were lacking belts).  So to end this diatribe.  Pull them up, harness them up…let’s just get those bad boys back where they belong…around the waist!

Thank you for helping the dream come true!



  1. Jenn, I so hope people read this because it is a pet peeve of mine as well. I see it on the job, on the street, on the trains, on the buses, outside the schools. Men “and” women doing it is surreal. No fashion sense, no sense of self most of all. It is not cute at all and it baffles me as to why anyone thinks it is.

    • I wish I knew why this happens to them. I had a male friend explain the “why do men where so much cologne” and at least that made sense but the butt crack or lack of butt to begin with I’m floundering for answers. Hopefully one day an answer will appear, until then we must look away whenever we can, lol.

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