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What this dog doesn’t look like a new laptop, you say? No,  the dog didn’t eat the laptop.  Instead she decided being crazy and out of control while wrestling with the other dog was a great idea.  Sure it was an awesome idea until Willow ducked and Mickie ran head first into the corner of the wall.  She did some real damage to her ear and had to have emergency surgery.

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She got her bandage off on Tuesday thus letting me see how many stitches it took to fix her ear.  The Vet said “Great news…her ear is mending much better than I thought and she has not lost the strength in her ear so it will not be droopy.”  I was ecstatic (sarcasm).  Actually I’m very relieved Mickie will be 100% okay.  It’s hard to believe this 10-year-old dog will not slow down.  She plays like a puppy and gets broken like an old lady with osteoporosis.

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So the laptop fund went to repair the crazy dog.  She’s worth it but for right now I’m going to change her name to Dell or Gateway ;)