I Love Frankenstein

I love everything Frankenstein.  My wife indulges my insanity and I love her more for it, lol.  It all started with the book.  It is my all time favorite book.  The story had all the elements I look for in a tale.  It started with action and then segued into the tragic story of love, loss and obsession.  I love, love, love this book and because I love it my obsession has branched out to collecting Frankenstein dolls.  I don’t have thousands of dolls because that would really be insane but I have enough that take me to that edge, lol.  As is evident below:

IMG_0182 (300x400) IMG_2430 (400x300) IMG_2484 (400x300)

Spencer reading Frankenstein

Spencer reading Frankenstein

IMG_2576 (300x400)

Teddy playing the violin

IMG_3145 (300x400)

Everyone should own a 2 ft. tall Frankenstein doll named Spencer.

IMG_3001 (300x400) IMG_3126 (400x300) IMG_3631 (400x300) IMG_3696 (400x300) IMG_4052 (300x400) IMG_4765 (400x300) IMG_4769 (400x300) IMG_4778 (400x300) IMG_4787 (300x400) IMG_6703 (400x300) IMG_6716 (300x400)
Years ago I started doing a “Flat Stanley-ish” project with one doll.  His name is Bjorn Maelstrom.  I got him at Disney World’s Norway in Epcot in 2004.

I started a blog with his adventures that has included many of my cast of characters but I always come back to the Frankenstein guys.  In the end if there was only one book to read forever I would pick Frankenstein.  I’m not into the gore of the creature but for the hope that he represents.  A creature different from everyone else who looks for acceptance or the hope there is one other person like him out there to be found or in his case made.



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