Last year we had a little Book Competition going.  It was at first who could read the most books.  It then became so much more.  I’m not a fast reader and I’m okay with that.  I knew I wouldn’t win and I was okay with that too.  I did read the most books I’ve ever read.  I read 42 books last year and I’m dang proud of myself.  You can see my list of books read to the right.  I had many goals for myself this year one of which was to finish reading the Harry Potter Series.  Large books always intimidated me in the past but Harry taught me that a big book can whiz by if its fun, exciting and most of all captivating.  J.K. Rowling did just that with her character Harry Potter.  Some I liked more than others (The Goblet of Fire was my favorite of the series) but I read the whole series!

This year we’ve changed the competition up a little and I’m not sure if I have a chance of winning but most of all I’m going to have fun with it.  I’m determined to tackle authors that I wouldn’t naturally think I would like to read.  I don’t want to take a chance of missing that one five star book because I’m not sure of the author.  My plan is to read Stephen King, More Michael Crichton and Ken Follett.  To try and hit a few of the classics.  I think if I stay away from my arch-nemesis Edith Wharton I should be fine.

What books are you reading or hope to read in 2013?  I’m always looking for suggestions ;)