Science is Cool…Justin Bieber Isn’t

I loath reading the news anymore.  It’s salacious and stupid most of the time.  How gruesome can the news be or how much celebrity can they squeeze into it?  Really Kim Kardashian getting pregnant to make some Benjamins is ridiculous.  Do I think Kanye will be there for her or the kid in say 15 years…no I don’t.  Do I care?  Apparently only enough in the sense it annoys the heck out of me because this is the worst kind of tripe to be considered news.  It’s like Justin Bieber…how much money can an 18-year-old piss away.  Silly rich people annoy me most of the time.

Four Suns

I did find some real news that was fun and important.  CNN ran an article of the top 10 Scientific Moments of 2012.  Who doesn’t like a good story about the Higgs Boson Particle (Pear-Tickle – Shout Out To fictional character Dr. Sheldon Cooper!)?  When you read the article don’t forget to read the comments.  The debate on “Warp” Drives and comments about space travel are so far better than the comments on Justy possible smoking weed last week at a party.


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