UPDATE: Stuff Happened…I was on Vacation – Pt. 1

I’ve been on Christmas Vacation for the last almost two weeks.  It’s been awesome.  Christmas was a blast.  I got 2 Light Sabers and they are so much fun.  I can be a Sith or a good guy.  Each light saber is different and I dig that!  Our Christmas tree that was being held up in the stand by the Chronicles of Narnia (totally serious) suffered from a winter’s thaw and fell over.  Bean laughed hysterical.  I, always being the dooms-dayer only laughed when I realized all the ornaments were okay.  It is funny but sometimes it takes me a little bit to see how funny it actually is and to just let go and enjoy the moment.  Note to self be more light-hearted!

IMG_5411 (300x400)
It was looking like the season would be warm but we got a nice little snow storm on 12/29/12 that made the holiday a little more festive for me.  I love snow, especially when it doesn’t stick to the roads.  I took some snowy pictures to remember the winter’s majesty.

IMG_5716 (300x400)

IMG_5695 (400x300)
IMG_5706 (400x300)
IMG_5815 (400x300)
Willow also likes the snow.  She likes it so much I had a dickens of a time getting her back inside!

IMG_5715 (400x300)
IMG_5714 (400x300)
IMG_5713 (400x300)
I really enjoyed the snow.  It didn’t last very long but it enhanced my holiday experience!

Tomorrow I will regale you with my NYE adventure…


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