The End of the World – Part III

Well the world didn’t end which is cool because there are lots of presents under the tree with my name on them.  But on the swing side of pro or con world ending I had to get up early to go to work.  Oh well I guess they just balance each other out.

So I read an interesting article yesterday about how we are all about the Mayan’s said the world was ending but one scientist whom I can’t remember his name so I will call him Paul said the Maya calendar never said the world was ending it was just that it was the most exciting interpretation of the calendar so everyone ran with it.  That makes sense.  I remember in the 80’s when people were trampled to death because they had to have a cabbage patch doll.

Yes neither of those things are similar but I just wanted to point out people are crazy whether its apocalyptic notions or funny looking dolls you can now get for 5 bucks on ebay.

Happy Winter Solstice to all my Pagan peeps!  Blessings and Blessed Be!


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