Ryan Gosling Revolts…News At Eleven Or Right Now

So y’all know how I loath the news…unless it’s happy of course.  Today there was a major crisis for Ryan Gosling hunky actor (or so I’m told) from the movie The Notebook.

This is Ryan...in case you've never heard of him.

This is Ryan…in case you’ve never heard of him.

The news has reported that he has worn the same sweater for 2 days in a week.  I know can you imagine wearing the same sweater more than once ever?  Seriously what was this ruffian thinking?  How could he actually go outside his home under these conditions?  But thankfully he apparently had another sweater to wear today and averted the same travesty that had affected him last week.

Thank Your Ryan Gosling for coming to your senses!  God Bless you!

p.s.  All of the above was sarcasm.  Shocking right?  I get that there are people whose job it is to track such lame details but instead of admonishing or trying to cause some sort of embarrassment to the actors you should be advocating their sense of personal style.  Just saying.



  1. I’ve seen so many of these kinds of article…usually it’s Katie Holmes they are going on about for wearing something more than once…ever. I’m with you. I do this weird thing called laundry. It makes it so I can wear my clothes over and over again, lol.

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