She’s Gone…But Could Never Ever Be Forgotten


I received bad news this week. One of my Cousins had passed away.  I once read that our Cousins are our first friends.  I really believe that.  Coming from a big family and having so many cousins I can tell you a fun story about almost every one of them.  My Cousins span the ages of 84 – 44.  Forty years of first cousins.  There are quite a few of us.  When my Mother was pregnant with me two of her nieces were pregnant at the same time.  So I grew up hanging out with my first and second cousins.  It was pretty cool.

One of the nieces was my Cousin Margaret Mary.  She had the most incredible smile and blithe way about her.

Growing up she was so much fun.  We spent every Easter with her and her family at my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  Riding big wheels and having a good time.  It’s hard for me to believe she is gone now.  For now I will just reflect on all those fun times and remember her and her laugh.


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