Christmas Season at Camp Crystal Lake?

First the weather is very cold.  Which is fine with me even though its still Autumn.  Then December hit the calendar and the weather went from seasonal to spring.  Not cool…literally!  So instead of crisp chilly mornings we get the mornings of Jason Voorhees yore!

IMG_4751 (400x300)
IMG_4757 (400x300)
The warm weather isn’t stifling my Christmas cheer.  I just decided Spencer was the boost I needed to get back into the swing of things…So here’s “A Very Spencer for Hire Christmas”.

IMG_4770 (300x400)
IMG_4769 (400x300)
See now things are better.  I’ve turned on the air conditioner to recreate the cool temps of Christmas…I might need to break out the snow making machine though.  Oh and I know you are all totally jealous of our Christmas Tree Moose Topper as you should be…Happy Almost Christmas Wednesday y’all!



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