Really I’m Not Racist, I Just Can’t Hear

Friday night we went out with some friends to a bar…a very loud bar.  Let me just say I have trouble enough hearing normally but in a bar with a band playing in the background…forget about it!

So my friend WW is talking to me and of course I can’t hear a word she’s saying but I’ve learned over the years to just smile when they smile and nod my head when they look like they are done speaking.  Its a coping mechanism that usually works.  I say usually because on Friday night not so much.

WW:  “You didn’t hear what I said…”
ME:  “Um…nope…not at all…what did you say?”
WW:  “I said  I think I might get lynched in here.”
ME:   “Yeah…I gotta stop smiling at things I can’t hear.”
WW:  “Yeah you might want to do that…(laughing).”

I guess I should mention the fact that we were in an all white bar and WW is brown.

So in the future I’m going to acknowledge to people I can’t hear stuff and if I go back to smiling I will be like…Yeah I’m cool, I’m Smiling…you know cause I’m deaf and cool!


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