Thanksgiving Isn’t Just A Day…It’s A Weekend! – Part II

Just a  quick recap from part I.  We ate a lot of awesome turkey, sweet potatoes and corn (Maze in the olden times) and had a turkey coma.  Later we went to Longwood Gardens and saw some spectacular Christmas Lights.  Okay…you’re caught up.

Years ago when we first got married we went to this nice restaurant in Kennett Square that served dishes made from all local stocks and stores.  After going to Longwood Gardens we went back to the Foxfire and it was as nice as the first time.

I love that the first dining room features a large fireplace. It’s got a lot of country charm to it.

They give you this egg with puree lobster something or other. Bean loved it. I’m not a fan of seafood so it was kind of lost on me flavor wise but I still thought it was wicked cool looking.

Bean got the cheese plate…

…and I got the most beautiful salad I’ve ever consumed in my life.

Palate cleanser please….

And now for the main courses…

This is Pheasant wrapped in bacon stuffed with venison. It had a basket made of shoestring sweet potatoes that was filled with medallion size zucchini.

Bean got the Lump Crab Cakes with potatoes and green beans.

And we finished with…

Bean got the Red Velvet Cake and I got the Creme Brulee.

The whole day was wonderful.  It almost made me not want to return to the real world.  I’m thankful this Thanksgiving for having this opportunity and having family and friends in my life who love me.  I hope your Thanksgiving and TG Weekend was a wonderful too.


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