Thanksgiving Isn’t Just A Day…It’s A Weekend! – Part I

Today marks the last day of my Thanksgiving Weekend and I’m kinda sad.  Being a bum and just having fun for 4-days was pretty cool.

Dinner was amazing.  My Mother-in-law puts on quite a showing.  I’ve always admired her generous use of butter while cooking!  Another 5-star meal!  We didn’t do any “Black Thursday Night Sales” because there wasn’t anything I needed that bad and also because I was in a turkey coma.  I saw clips of the news where they showed the worst of humanity and also the fact that people a completely crazy.  Unless it is free…it’s not that awesome a buy I need to trample someone to death to get it.

On Friday we went to Longwood Gardens for the first of our Christmas adventures.  This Arboretum has amazing lights, a water fountain show, Christmas Trains and Christmas Trees everywhere.  It also holds a special place in my heart.

Me in the Tree House…It was an amazing view…and very high!


This is OUR Spot! Me and Bean standing in our spot!

I liked that it was just a bit nippy in the air too.  A warm Christmas isn’t what I’m dreaming of…there are no songs of dreaming for a tropical heatwaves Christmas.  It just help make the moment bright!  If you ever get a chance to visit Longwood Gardens…tell ’em Tilla Tequila sent you.  You’ll probably get better service than if I sent you 😉


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