Living on the Edge…Not Because I Want Too

My weekend started out great-ish.  I was going out to dinner with my Cousins but of course I got held up and was late.  It happens.  Later I went out with Bean and George Clooney.  George looked good and we had a laugh over the fact I drank his beer by mistake because apparently I can’t tell the difference between Coors Light and Miller Lite.  I grew up in the culture if its beer and its in front of you drink it, lol.  Luckily he could tell the difference just by looking at the glass but by then it was too late…I was thirsty and drained 1/2 of it, ha ha ha.

Saturday we had a full day of activities.  Yesterday was supposed to be lazy day.  Sure that sounds good, doesn’t it?  Well Fate would have other ideas…in the vein of Fire.  One of my neighbors set his unit on fire and we had to evacuate.  All was well in the end but it sucked.  I’ve got lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, just saying.

When we realized that we didn’t lose our belongings Bean said…

“Do you realize that since we’ve met we’ve had 2 Hurricanes, an earthquake and now a fire.”

Survived them all…BOOM!


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